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Happy Mother's Day❤️ Dinner w the girls & our +1!

Miss my baobao already even though we practically spent every single day together lol. So we video called earlier on hehe

Sad tonight I'm not sleeping in his arms☹️

Ohyes speaking about sleeping... I've been sleeping sooooo well recently😊😊 esp when I stayover at his place, I can like toh before 12 lol. Finally can say goodbye to insomnia days👋🏻

Anywayyyy I really wanted to Dayre abit first before sleeping but I'm soooooo fucking tired right now... I shall do it later when I'm awake!!!! Goodnight for now guys!!!❤️😴

GOOD MORNING!!!!!! 930am rise and shine!! There's no Monday meeting today so it's shiokkkkk, can sleep in abit more hee. Gonna prepare and go office in abit!

Today's agenda
✔️ Office to do paper work
✔️ 3pm appointment
✔️ 630pm kbbq dinner w the girls + meet the BFs session😂😂

It's the first time 5 of us (Stef Karx Kei Jas & me) are meeting and all of us have +1 sia omg TIMES LIKE THIS SUPER RARE!!!! Because somehow one of us will always be single.. hahaha. Karx was the last amongst us to have a date so when she had one, we were like "LET'S FASTER BOOK AN OVERSEAS TRIP TGT". 5 couples together holiday hehe. But we can't decide on the location, NO BALI because of the Bali lovers curse but no idea where else is good at the same time... We don't want Malaysia either. 🤔

So since planning a holiday takes more time and effort, we shall make do with dinner first!! Hahahha Kei was super funny,

Kei: We eat kbbq okay?? So if things get awkward / nothing to talk about, just look down flip and cook the meat👍🏻

😅😅😅 We girls confirm won't awkward one la WE ARE SO FUCKING NOISY WHENEVER WE MEET LOL but hopefully the Boyz won't be awk haha😂😂 quite excited for tn, I hope our guys can click with one another too!!! Hehe

Last Friday when I had a 9am appointment 😯😯😯

So early I was the first customer in the cafe LOL


Managed to squeeze in breakfast before the client arrived! How much I've missed you my egg bennys😍😍


Poached egg done right 👍🏻 I think their egg bennys were pretty good, love the hollandaise sauce and it's only $14! 不错不错!! #dayrefatties

HUSTLEEEEEEE💪🏻 look at all the papers LOL I came well prepared with so many proposals so if client don't want option A, I show option B. Option C. Option D. 😅

Bryan snapped this pic cuz he said so cute, 2 of us looking at him having his lunch. Lol

Anw Bryan went off for his appointment so I took a nap. Plus fixed up fairy lights in his room!!! Lol hehe so prettz now. ✨✨

Test my luck as well and asked if I could hang just one dreamcatcher at the window. He said no but gave in eventually HAHAHAH toh😂 Vanida said Bryan poor thing🤷🏻‍♀️

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant

Armin was the guest DJ at Marquee last Friday BUT GUESS WHAT BRYAN AND I WERE DOING?

EATING CHICKEN RICE LOLLLL what a chill Friday hehe

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant

Went back and I think I crashed before 1am. Lol I was soooo tired hahaha

Saturday 7z8z we had our May monthly meeting (that's why today's one was cancelled hehe)!! And we had team lunch after together ☺️☺️☺️

Everytime when a meat dish was being served, Enqi and I >> 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 LOL. We carnivores like that hahahaha

When everyone left already cuz done eating but Enqi and I still there finishing up HAHAHAH. Omg help la we sibei jialat🐷

Back home to crash before dolling myself up! Saturday night finally going out!!!! Feels like it's been damn long since I went out lol



And I wasn't wearing safety shorts... I know I should have but just nice I couldn't find mine so thought aiya sua. So I was at suntec with Jascene and we were heading to Macs to find Enqi when I could feel someone behind me. I turned around and saw this guy using his phone to video and I immediately screamed at him


The guy trembled and kept saying no no no. I told him to give me his phone, I wanna check his gallery but he refused.

Fuck I should have snatched his phone right?? But at the same time I also quite scared if he violent, I'll def lose. Plus Jascene was shocked at the whole situation, she was so stunned she just stood behind me. IF ONLY IT WAS ENQI WITH ME. This woman fierce she would have probably took out her heels and smash the guy's head lol

But anw the guy quicky ran off and I didn't catch up with him. Went up to Macs to tell enqi and she's like we go find him now but he's prob gone. Zzzzzz

Honestly I don't get it. What's so good about filming upskirt videos.. Can you imagine someone doing this to your mum, sister, daughter???? What the flying fuck leh

Spoilt my mood for awhile but I quickly snapped out of it cuz me no likes negativity. Well, a lesson to learn at least. Don't think he managed to film much also.. think he probs filmed 1-2 secs and I caught him already. Jascene was like "omg Shen you got animal instincts man, I couldn't even feel anyone behind us" 🙃

Don't know why I always genna this kind of suay shit 🙄

Macs baby macs

Do I look better when I smile with or without teeth? Lol

#ootd all blackkkk🌚

Didn't hit Zouk on Sat night but we went WAN instead. Issa boring la lol idk why Enqi likes it so much here!!!😂

My AIA babies ❤️

Was complaining to Bryan non stop that WAN was boring and literally dragged him out of home to go somewhere else for round 2 with me 😅 I guess vanida is right... Bryan poor thing LOL wanna sleep at home also cannot hahaha

Mother's Day 💐

Woke up to such a bad hangover my head was so pain!!! Vodka >> Champagne >> Beer 🤢🤢 gross sia

Heng my date with my mum was at night for dinner so I had more time to rest!!

My mum had such a jam packed day of activities lol. First she had breakfast with my dajie and the kids!!

Then my erjie brought my mum to Tulipmania @ Gardens by the bay!



Before she finally met up with me for dinner at Sushi Murasaki!!!

This was her first ever Omakase experience! I've always wanted to bring her to such good food places that I always dine at and I'm so glad I finally did hehe. Initially wanted to bring her to Hiryu but Hiryu was closed on Sunday so Murasaki it shall be then! Anw both are also owned by the same chefs la so actually quality of the food kinda standard! Just hiryu slightly more atas 😛

Chef Tommy hard at workkkkk. I want that whole slab of otoro pleaseeeee

Sushi Murasaki

Smoked mackerel!!

Mummy Yanggggg

Sushi Murasaki

Me no idea what fish this was but my mum loves it!!!


Initally my mum was pretty skeptical about eating tuna cuz she kept telling me she hates tuna... I had to convince her the tuna she has been eating all fake one la!! Like I agree w her those cheap tuna really suckzzz but THIS ISSA NOT THE CASE!!!!! Hahahaha should have videoed her face when she took her first bite of the otoro/chutoro lololol it was like 🤩🤩

Grilled unagi!

Truffle chawanmushi!!! My mum kept on "omg their chawanmushi 为什么哪么好吃?!" 😂

Aburi love



Uni and seated foie gras!! Mi loveee

And finally the signature Murasaki beef bowl rice!! Beef goodness, uni, foie gras, truffle & ikura!!! Mum kept saying the rice damn good hahaha IKR. 😋

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MUMMY YANG!!! Although we may not see eye to eye in many things and I often worry you alot with my nonsense... but thank you for loving me in your own ways❤️ I hope you'll stay healthy and happy always😘

Miso clams souppp

And finally desserts!!! Issa full sia 爆炸

Hehe thank you Max & Tommy!!!!

Damn funny my mum was like "how often do you eat such food man that you know almost all the chefs and servers" 🌚🌚🌚 because to her, $200/pax for a meal isn't cheap at all so she thinks it is super 浪费. But after having her first omakase experience, she told me she wanna come again during her birthday 😂😂

Yesterday's look

And outfit, an old piece from Carislabelle!!


Fucking wanna kill Bryan. Cuz I tagged my mum on FB so he clicked on my mum... And saw my 2012 photos that my mum put as her profile pic. LOLLLL thanks leh still cropped and zoom into me. Give me that stunned cat sticker 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
A N N O Y I N G !!!!

Today, finally cut my bangs!!!!! WHOO


Please don't give me the runs later during appointment!!!🙏🏻 Immediately xiao regret after I ordered but too late liao, what's done is done🤷🏻‍♀️

Lol I'm so yellow today💛

And I feel so so so bloated today 🙄🙄🙄 really hate the few days leading up to your period. Machiam pregnant lady. Mood bad, always hungry and worst of all, you look preggie cuz of the bloating Zzz


LOLLLL it's freaking funny. Currently at MOS burger waiting for my client... And there's also 4 other agents here with their clients. HHAHAAHHAAHA quite a funny sight. All of us with our iPads trying to close case😂

Great start to the week!! Close case hehe hopefully this continues for the rest of the week!!! Although hoping I could close more premium bahahaha but I guess better than nothing 😛

Btw to my fellow Korean drama fans!!! Viu is having a Mother's Day Promo currently where a 1 year Viu Premium subscription is going for $49.90 (30% off!!) So if your mum is also a Korean/HK drama fan... This could be a really good gift for your mum without breaking the bank!😉

Done w appt and off to meet the girls for kbbq! Here's hardworking karx while I'm just disturbing her lololol

왕대박 Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

Finally dinner time with the girls!!

I swear we ordered so much food!!!

These 2 so cute they coincidentally wore the same tops lol

The dinner was chaotic man... Really not easy to have a dinner together with so many humans. PLUS HAVE TO COOK OURSELVES. Lol no idea why we make our lives even more difficult than it already is 😅

I just had to.... So cute my friends. All couple couple. Stef's +1 couldn't make it last min cuz OT so I guess we'll have to arrange one more time to have all 10 of us full force!!!

But today there's 9 of us, thats already so impressive lol. Can't believe this is the first time in so long that we are all attached at the same time😂

What's having kbbq without soju right!!! Although we didn't drink alot... Say real each of us only 2-3 shots LOL. #healthyliving 🤭

왕대박 Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

Hehe a group photo to commemorate this special day!! ❤️

Can't wait for our next meetup already!!! 😍😍 Hehehe @jjasminee @kareena @ykaiiiii @Stvphn

Sat Bryan's new ride home! He just got a new car today lol it's quite chioooo🤩

Okay it's 11pm now and I think I'm all ready for bed already. So freaking tired 😴 time to sleep in Bryan's arms!!!😌😌😌


Day 133

Monday, 13 May 2019

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Xue_Eve you're so pretty! 😍😍😍 still pretty with teeth or without teeth... ❤

1 month ago

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beashappyasican Yes add in! Very chio heels

1 month ago

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ifonlyicouldfly You look like you can pull off the transparent heels! 👍

1 month ago

shennyyang (avatar)

shennyyang @Xue_Eve aww hahaha you too sweet!!! but I'm not la Siannn

1 month ago

shennyyang (avatar)

shennyyang @beashappyasican @ifonlyicouldfly OKAY ADDED IT INTO MY CART 👌🏻👌🏻 Lol cuz Bryan said it's ugly 🤔

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