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Unexpected events.

High chance going down to site tonight just to take measurement of the parapet wall.

Tonight might be the night that I either:

1. Ask dad/Bryan send me there and drop me at the lane closure

2. Ask taxi uncle drop me at an awkward location aka the lane closure area, which is on a 2 lane slip road towards an expressway. REALLY doubt the uncle will let me alight there. How to even tell the uncle the drop off location??? “Uncle, drop me at XX flyover, slip road to XXX”. Bet the uncle will just diao me.

I remember the other time I had to cab to the incident site, it was along a major road, and there was a bus stop nearby. I had a hard time telling the taxi uncle where to drop me, because it’s really difficult to give a postal code / actual address of the bus stop.

3. Cab to the nearest hdb. Arrange with contractor to ask them pick me up. Another “you shouldn’t be practicing this”, but “no choice” thing.

How to get there is one thing. How to get back home when works is done is another.

As I said the works is along the slip road towards an expressway. And when y’all on the expressway, you gotta travel a distance before the next exit, IF I hitch a ride from the contractor.

There’s no way I can walk my way to the nearest HDB, because there’s no footpath at all.

Also, I’m wondering if there will be a taxi that pass by just at the timing I’m getting home. In that way I can just hop on the taxi.

But again, Will the taxi uncle let me board the taxi along a flyover?!?????

He must be wondering this girl here is crazy.

Shag. I’m probably thinking way too much. But oh wells.

Brought my colleagues to try out the Mentaiko Salmon Don at Fortune Centre!

Half way through my meal and I had to handle the incident 😒😒😒

Cluster party today.

Was on the phone with another colleague while we took this photo. Got to tell my colleague to “hang on ah”. LOL

Day 81

Friday, 22 Mar 2019

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