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Me in the taxi, on my way to meet my contractor.

And I bumped into my TMA. TMA heading to my site. Hahahahha. So qiao.

And yes, end up I arranged with the supervisor to pick me up at the nearby bus stop.

Thank goodness this team was the team I worked with for another job.

Here we are.

Apparently the supervisor also came from the west. Should had hitched ride.

So the contractor offered to send me back to my area. Cause he say so late, hard to get taxi. But they have to go rectify some other defect at KPE first. So I thought they would go straight there, chop chop and finish.

Omg. Hahahahahha. They went to get coffee, yada yada, then went KPE.

By the time I got back was like 2hrs after we end work at my site.

But the supervisor damn thoughtful. Had a short chat with him during our ride too. Apparently he’s been in Singapore for 10 years already. Wow wow.

Actually I feel that Singaporeans should be more tolerant towards these workers.

Through the night supervision yesterday, I experience how motorist are not understanding towards these workers who are carrying out their job to make road safe for them to drive.

So we were closing lane at the slip road. And this motorcyclist came horning at the workers and even showed finger.

And the way how staff from the ops center talk to these workers. No patience at all.

Day 82

Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

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epyayaepepya (avatar)

epyayaepepya Singaporeans are the ugliest. Always criticise foreigners but never take a good look at themselves 🙃

2 months ago

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